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Isobelle Carmody has written over 40 books, who’s genres range through fantasy, science fiction and horror, with a variety of formats including picture books and graphic novels. As a testament to her skill and creativity she has won several grants from the Australia council, including support for a period at the Kessing writers’ studio in Paris.

Though much of Isobelle’s work falls under the YA category, she writes with the intent to attract anyone and everyone with something emotionally engaging and thought provoking. The books displayed bellow wrestle through themes of fear, loss and betrayal, and slip easily into those of familial loyalty, bravery, compassion and romance. Within their pages you may be born up by dreams, sink into mythology, follow interspecies friendships and bear witness to environmental destruction and its after effects. Isobelle’s writing follows a philosophical vein, delving into her character’s varied psyches.

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