Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you will find some of the more commonly asked questions and their answers. If you have a question you would like answered, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll either reply to you or add it to this list.

  • When is Darkbane coming out?

    Since this is such a heavily debated topic, the skin of which has been rubbed at and irritated for many years, I think it is owed a bit of space:

    Isobelle hopes to begin work on Darkbane in 2022 and by tentative estimates, to publish in 2025. I hope you can forgive her the wait and please know she feels grateful for any patience and understanding you allow her, even if it might be a struggle to muster such feelings at times. She finds it both a profound pleasure and weighty responsibility to have the hearts of so many invested in the characters of The Legendsong Saga.

    Like all of us, Isobelle has been plunged into the daunting task of mere existence and has had to make certain sacrifices to earn a living for herself and her family. One of these sacrifices has been the long-awaited final contribution to the Legendsong Saga which has been delayed several times over many years. Isobelle herself holds these characters and their story very dear and wishes to give this task its due time and energy that not only the readers but the story itself deserves. This mission is a work in progress and we hope to bring you more certainty soon.

  • When are Isobelle's other forthcoming books going to be available?

    Several Carmody series are missing their final instalments. These are set to be finished in the next 3-10 years. We hope for sooner but we will accept later because life certainly applies enough of its own pressures. I suppose all we can promise is that they will be written, eventually.

  • Who is Isobelle Carmody?

    Isobelle Carmody is a much-loved Australian fantasy author and occasional illustrator, now also equipped with a PhD in literature. Read all about Isobelle on her About page.

  • Where can I contact Isobelle Carmody?

    You can send Isobelle a hand-written letter or you can fill out our online enquiry form. Head to her contact page to do so.

  • What book is Isobelle Carmody most known for?

    Isobelle is most known for the Obernewtyn Chronicles, an 8-part series. Other critically acclaimed works include The Gathering and The Little Fur series. You can read all about these works and more in the Books by Isobelle Carmody section of this website!

  • Is Isobelle Carmody Australian?

    Yes, Isobelle is an Australian writer. She was born in Wangaratta (her and Nick Cave), though she did once spend a 10-year stint in the Czech Republic. She now lives happily skipping between several Australian cities.

  • When and why did Isobelle Carmody become a writer?

    Isobelle started writing her first book at 14, using the medium as a tool of inquiry with which to chisel away at the human condition and its worldly consequences. This first book and the series to come arose from some highly serious themes, regarding the deep confusion and grief that resulted from her father’s passing as well as the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though Isobelle did not live through this latter tragedy.

  • When was Isobelle Carmody born?

    Isobelle was born on the 16th of June in 1958.

  • Who are Isobelle Carmody's influences?

    Isobelle’s influences are manyfold but here are some of the important ones: Ursula Le Guin, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, John Wyndham, and Stephen King.

  • What is Isobelle Carmody doing now?

    Isobelle is making progress on her post-doctoral work plus several new and old books (perhaps another graphic novel or two!).

  • How do I apply for a writing mentorship led by Isobelle Carmody?

    Isobelle takes on a limited number of mentorships per year. You can apply to be mentored on her Writing Mentorships page.

  • Does Isobelle Carmody have a Patreon/can I sign up for Isobelle Carmody's Patreon?

    Yes, Isobelle has a Patreon and you can subscribe here.

    There are several tiers to choose from, starting from 14AUD/month. Each tier has various benefits, those may include fan meet-ups, receiving signed artworks, sneak peeks of new work and Isobelle’s process as well as general writing workshopping. You can also let Isobelle know what you would like to see from her next!

  • Where can I order Isobelle Carmody's books in my country?

    Visit the Where to Buy Isobelle Carmody Books page to find out where to purchase Isobelle’s books from your location. You can purchase hard copies, digital versions and audiobooks.

  • How can I find out whether Isobelle Carmody is doing any appearances or signings near me?

    For public news, you can find Isobelle’s Instagram or check back on our Events page. For more exclusive events you can sign up for Isobelle’s Patreon.