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Kingdom of the Lost

Bily and Zluty are brothers, they have large upright ears and are covered in thick soft fur apart from their faces which have human-like features. They live contentedly in a cozy cottage in the middle of a desolate land, Bily tending to their dwellings and Zluty foraging for supplies. The brothers are unaware of their origin and have never truly questioned their mysterious background.

All this changes when one day a destructive red wind drives them from their treasured home. This is the catalyst of a grand adventure in which the brothers meet, help and exchange knowledge and friendship with many fascinating creatures whilst also discovering new depths of character within each other. Through their journey the brothers come to uncover the secret plans of the mysterious Makers and possibly the story of their own inception.

This story encompasses themes of loyalty, bravery, curiosity and personal growth with a technological twist. Alongside the text in these pages you will find detailed ink drawings created by Isobelle herself.

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Kingdom of the Lost

The Red Wind, in Kingdom of the Lost
The Red Wind

First published: 2010

Brothers Zluty and Bily live happily in their little house in the desert. Every year Zluty journeys to the great forest whilst Bily stays to tend their home. And every year Zluty returns with exciting tales of his escapades.

When a devastating red wind sweeps across the land, Bily and Zluty are separated and forced to fight for their individual survival in hopes of eventual reunion. Bily is also agitated by the appearance of a strange injured creature, that he calls the Monster. Both brothers strike upon parts of themselves that they had not been aware of previously, each growing in confidence and in admiration for the other.

Awards for The Red Wind
  • 2011: Winner - CBC Book of the Year - Younger Readers
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The Cloud Road, in Kingdom of the Lost
The Cloud Road

First published: 2013

Adventure and danger follow Bily, Zluty, Redwing and the monster as they cross a barren desert and journey over high stony mountains in search of a place where they can make a new home. But will the secret they uncover in the Cloud Mountains be the end of them all…

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The Ice Maze, in Kingdom of the Lost
The Ice Maze

First published: 2017

Bily and Zluty, the injured Monster and two diggers journey into a land of ice and darkness. Here they find a secret settlement and learn more about the mysterious Makers plan. But the Monster must make a dreadful choice…

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The Velvet City, in Kingdom of the Lost
The Velvet City

First published: 2021

In this last part of their long journey, Bily and Zluty must each travel to the dangerous Velvet City, where they will learn the shocking truth about themselves . . . even as their beloved Monster faces the fate he fled.

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