Writing Retreats

Conversations and strategising sessions with Isobelle

Writing is inevitably a lonely business, but in my life, the companionship of other writers has been invaluable.

Conversations and strategising sessions with writers, the comparison of ideas and the need to express and explain a project and its challenges, philosophising about writing are a vital part of the process of creation, for me. I come from such sessions refreshed and creatively stimulated, and it is a joy to write in that state.

I have run many workshops and mentorships in many forms and it struck me that it would be lovely to take the essence of this creative companionship and build an intensive mentorship around it, that would take place in a location I have found strikingly beautiful and endlessly stimulating.

— Isobelle Carmody

  • Peregian Beach (Queensland) Writing Retreats

    This large and wonderful accommodation near the beach can fit two mentees, three if two are willing to twin share. There will be a saving involved, of course. Retreat will be largely vegetarian, but you can opt out and self-cater some or all days if you prefer once you see the menu. We can also agree on 4 nights catering and one night out at one of the local restaurants,...

  • Mt Hotham (Victoria) Writing Retreats

    Isobelle offers three special individual five-day and two-day intensive residential mentorships on Mt Hotham each year, usually in June. The host lodge is one Isobelle has written at year after year and she will begin a new work during this period. The mentorship will take place just before the snow season. There may be snow but there are marvellous walks and the mountain will be largely unoccupied at this time,...