Mt Hotham (Victoria) Writing Retreats

Intensive residential mentorships on Mt Hotham

Isobelle offers three special individual five-day and two-day intensive residential mentorships on Mt Hotham each year, usually in June.

The host lodge is one Isobelle has written at year after year and she will begin a new work during this period. The mentorship will take place just before the snow season. There may be snow but there are marvellous walks and the mountain will be largely unoccupied at this time, the lodge, very quiet.

Those interested would have a project well underway in the early stages, or at the first draft stage, and will be required to send a sample of the work to ensure it is suitable for this level of mentorship. For a novel, three chapters and a synopsis, for a short story collection, one or two short stories with a synopsis of the collection and the ideas around which it is organised.

Those selected to take part must be prepared to pay for an airfare to Melbourne, if located out of state, and either hire a car or bus from Tullamarine or Southern Cross station to and from Jack Frost stop on the mountain. Alternatively, you can travel by bus from Albury. For those in state, cars can be driven up to the mountain (chains are very unlikely to be needed) and parked free, close to Jack Frost stop at this time of year.

Mentees should bring food to prepare meals or pre made meals to heat. Meals can also be arranged in advance if the mentee is coming by air or if required. The lodge has a magnificent, new fully equipped kitchen. The five or two nights accomodation and meal on the first night will be covered by the mentorship fee.

For full details, visit Isobelle’s A Mountain Retreat Writing Workshop website.