Reviews of The Red Wind

The Red Wind

Isobelle Carmody’s award winning series, The Kingdom of the Lost Book 1: The Red Wind

…”Accompanying the story are charming illustrations full of atmosphere and expression. They are drawn by the author herself– further fruit of Carmody’s talented creativity“...-Megan Burke
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…”The Red Wind is an enchanting, whimsical story which will stay in the reader’s imagination long after they finish the book. I picked it up whilst in a bookshop in Australia, attracted by the beautiful illustrations on the cover and also the gold badge marking it as ‘Book of the Year’ (Children’s Book Council of Australia)”…- Wright Reading
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The Sending New Paperback Edition

obnewtyn Chonicole Six:The Sending



The Sending

The Obernewtyn Chronicles Book 6 will be available again in a new paperback edition from April 24th. RRP $22.99



For overseas fans you can purchase a copy with free worldwide shipping online at

Interview with Country Style (April 2013 issue)

Ninja overheard that Isobelle needed some old family photos.
I found out why when I saw this photo on facebook.  What a nice surprise!
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country style interview

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Swancon Star

Isobelle  has been invited to Swancon 2014.

The Western Australian Speculative Fiction Convention.

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Interview with Victoria Writer

Isobelle Carmody is passionate writer and she talks about her enthusiasm with Anna Kelsey-Sugg from Victoria Writer Magazine. Click the image to read more of the interveiw.

Victoria Writer Interview

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Isobelle Carmody’s solo blog, TheSlipstream is live!

Hello and Welcome

For a long time, I resisted the idea of having a website of my own because there are any number of perfectly good and comprehensive websites about my work, maintained by people who are devoted fans and utterly meticulous as well as being gifted in a cyber sense, unlike me. (more…)