Photos of The Red Queen Book Launch

Thank you for all of you who made to the Red Queen Book Launch.
Also, thank you for all who booked the event, but can’t make it on the day.



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Obernewtyn Chronicles, The Red Queen is out at 2015.

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The site will be unwomaned until June.

If you await The Red Queen with impatience and like to pre-order, Ninja noticed this Offer.

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean

Eat the Sky Drink the Ocean is a new anthology featuring a graphic story by Isobelle.              Eat the Sky Drink the OceanIt is a collection of sci-fi and fantasy writing, including six graphic stories, showcasing twenty stellar writers and artists from India and Australia. It is published in Australia by Allen & Unwin and will be available February 2015.

Reading of Perchance to Dream

A podcast reading by Canadian voice artist Cynthia P. Colby of Isobelle’s short story Perchance to Dream is on The District Of Wonders website

Perchance to Dream was published  in Dreaming Again anthology ed Jack Dann in 2008

Dreaming Again

…….. Then something black flew out of the mist and smashed against the glass, shattering it and showering her with cutting fragments.  She screamed.

Anna sat up, heart pounding, and felt her face with trembling fingers, but the skin was smooth.

‘A nightmare,’ she whispered and lay back to ponder the doubled oddness of dreaming you were waking, only to find you had woken into another dream..

Movie Deal for Greylands

AGE greylands

Isobelles novel Greylands is being made into a film!

Greylands is the haunting and exquisitely rendered story of Jack and his little sister, Ellen, as they struggle to cope with their father’s despair in the bleak time after their mother’s death. One night Jack enters the greylands – a world where there is no colour, no noise, no laughter – a place that only the wounded can enter.

Isobelle is also writing the screenplay for Greylands.

Reviews of The Cloud Road

the-cloud-road-bookIsobelle Carmody’s award winning series, The Kingdom of the Lost Book 2: The Cloud Road

“This is a gorgeous little hardcover book aimed at younger readers, complete with pen and ink drawings scattered throughout…This story will engage children at the right stage to read independently; many children given this novel will continue to reread and treasure it.”…-Nalini Haynes
Read full review by Nalini Haynes on Dark Matter Fanzine – SF Fantasy and art

…”Carmody’s world-building remains first class, and the many mysteries of this world begin to unravel in this volume, adding a level of intrigue to the adventure.“… -Fancy Goods
Read full review by Fancy Goods


The Cloud Road,Book two in Kingdom of The Lost is in stores.

Book two in Kingdom of The Lost series

The Cloud Road

Here is a glimpse of  The Cloud Road:

Adventure and danger follow Bily,  Zluty, Redwing and the monster as they cross a barren desert and journey over  high stony mountains in search of a  place where they can make a new home. But will the secret they uncover in the Cloud Mountains be the end of them all…