Reviews of The Ice Maze

the-ice-maze-bookIsobelle Carmody’s award winning series, The Kingdom of the Lost Book 3: The Ice Maze

…”The Ice Maze is the much anticipated third part in Isobelle Carmody’s The Kingdom of the Lost, and continues the story of brothers Bily and Zluty as they make their way across unknown lands, encountering strange sights and new creatures as they seek help for their friend the Monster, and a new place to call home.
To review this book I had to read the first two parts of the series first, and from the very beginning of the tale I was hooked.  The world of these books is endlessly fascinating”…
Christian Price
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Kid’s Book Review: 12 Curly Questions with Isobelle Carmody

One of questions is ” What/who made you start writing? ” for Isobelle to answer.

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Interview by The Booktopia Podcast

…”Illustration comes first or you write the story first? or you do a bit of both?”…

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interview_for_the_ice_maze_by_ the_booktopia_podcast

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Reviews of The Cloud Road

the-cloud-road-bookIsobelle Carmody’s award winning series, The Kingdom of the Lost Book 2: The Cloud Road

“This is a gorgeous little hardcover book aimed at younger readers, complete with pen and ink drawings scattered throughout…This story will engage children at the right stage to read independently; many children given this novel will continue to reread and treasure it.”…-Nalini Haynes
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…”Carmody’s world-building remains first class, and the many mysteries of this world begin to unravel in this volume, adding a level of intrigue to the adventure.“… -Fancy Goods
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Reviews of The Red Wind

The Red Wind

Isobelle Carmody’s award winning series, The Kingdom of the Lost Book 1: The Red Wind

…”Accompanying the story are charming illustrations full of atmosphere and expression. They are drawn by the author herself– further fruit of Carmody’s talented creativity“...-Megan Burke
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…”The Red Wind is an enchanting, whimsical story which will stay in the reader’s imagination long after they finish the book. I picked it up whilst in a bookshop in Australia, attracted by the beautiful illustrations on the cover and also the gold badge marking it as ‘Book of the Year’ (Children’s Book Council of Australia)”…- Wright Reading
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Review of Green Monkey Dreams(Reprint)

green money dream cover 2012It is one of the best collections of short stories I’ve read recently, for both its high quality and the sense of consistency between the stories – without ever feeling like they’re the same.“-Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus
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Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus

I have to say that this is my favourite collection of short stories, and I am so glad to have been able to read it, and I urge you to find a copy and enjoy.“- Daniel is reading
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Many of the stories vividly demonstrate the power of fantasy and story in neglected lives.“-ReadPlus
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Talk Review: the day of the authors

metrowinds talk

Isobelle at Readings Hawthorn shop

Rachel Towns attended one of  Isobelle Carmody’s talks . She was thrilled to meet her in person and inspired by her talk.

… ideas came from: taking little bits from real life and connecting them all together…Rachel Towns and read full review by Rachel Towns

Reviews of Metro Winds

Metro WindsMetro Winds is a collection of five short stories, each more enchanted than the last, and while the stories all have fantastical elements, the majority are set firmly in the real world. Carmody’s writing is full of beautiful, carefully crafted imagery. Lip Magazine
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Although there are subtle differences between place and style, the stories in Metro Winds explore the archetype of the quest through the lens of speculative fiction.” The Book Snitch
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The Book Snitch

“In this collection of short stories, Carmody, the queen of modern fantasy, creates a world of desire and transformation, the real and the not real.”-Reading Journal

“Isobelle Carmody, one of Australia’s best literary fantasy writers, is in top form with her six short stories in Metro Winds…The stories cover journeys and personal transformation.” – Canberra Times

“…stories slide deep into fantasy territory and, like fairytales, offer sharp insights into human behaviour”. – Herald Sun

“It’s a must for those with an interest in the literary end of fantasy fiction.” – The Age

Carmody has always been interested in reality’s intersection with imagination and parable; the challenge of modern society, and thus, the moral and ethical questions our modern lives pose, the philosophy of compassion.” InkAshlings
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This is a delicious selection of modern short-form fantasy. Once read, you will never go back to the wonder, strangeness and charm-deprived husks we thinks of as fairy tales.Courier Mail, Brisbane

A delight in all respects.Daily Telegraph, Sydney

“… Carmody always treats her readers with respect, and they will surely embrace Metro Winds with the same delight.” – Reading Time Magazine

This is a world of desire and transformation, the real and the not real, from the queen of modern fantasy.” – Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic
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