Greylands Reprint

Isobelle and Greylands Reprint

The launch site of Greylands eBook is now closed but the Great eBook Debate will be archived on Isobelle’s blog The Slipstream which will be live in November.

Greylands eBook is available from Amazon , Smashwords ,

Ford St Publishing have also republished  Greylands in print form which will be available in October.


Reprint: Journey From the Centre of the Earth

Picture book: Journey From the Centre of the EarthThis wonderful children’s book was written by Isobelle and illustrated by  Marc Mcbride. This latest edition has been bought by Hachette publisher under their Children’s Books section.

The short of this story:

“Two friends tell each other a story Have you heard about the duck at the centre of the earth? Left there by a human expedition, the duck must make his own way to the surface. All it wants is to be reunited with its owner, but the friend it makes along the way becomes just as important. This journey through the darkness to the light is a strange and wondrous tale about friendship, loneliness, happiness and life itself.”

Greylands e-edition

The fabulous micro-site for the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Greylands as an e-edition–self-destructing in a month’s time, the site features info about the book, competitions, and ‘The Great E-Book Debate’ which features a different guest columnist every day.
First guest post was Alex Adsett with a great overview piece. Her second guest in the eVolution forum is author Sophie Masson, recently appointed author rep to the newly formed Book Industry Collaboration Council, set up to meet the challenges posed to the book industry by the Evolution.

Each day over the month of July and into early August there will be a different post. Guests range from successful and highly awarded authors, publishers from large and small presses, editors, actors, poets, students, teachers, librarians, agents.

Read the posts and comment for the chance to win a kindle as well as audio and print books. Details at


Guest Residence for March

Insideadog is a website  which encourages young people to read and write, run by the State Library of Victoria. They feature month long residences of Australian children’s writers.  Isobelle is their author in residence for March. Many of us know her from stories in the newspapers, radio and print interviews and talks, but the insideablog gives you a closer look at her life and the blogs are full of tips for writers as well as for readers as well as sneak peeks of works on the verge of being published. She also focuses the blog on the why, when and how of the time she is spending in Prague and she has posted some spectacular photos that will have you hankering to visit Europe.

Her first post for Inside A Dog was Skating on Thin Ice and that was followed by Prague Days, Paradigm Shift(ers), The Journey (Pt 1), The Short Story (Pt 1) , Judging a Book by its Cover , A lovely thing , The Journey (Pt 2) , The Journey (Pt 3) , The Bologna Book Fair Blog , A day in the Life of a Writer , The Short Story(Pt2) and THE END.

The Sending Is Out Now

obnewtyn choronicle: the sendingBook six of The Obernewtyn Chronicles:

The Sending.

Here is a glimpse of  The Sending:
The time has come at last for Elspeth Gordie to leave the Land on her quest to find and stop the computermachine Sentinel from unleashing the deadly Balance of Terror arsenal.  But before she can embark on her journey, she must find a lost key.  And although she has long prepared for this day, nothing is as she anticipated….



Book of the Year 2011 Winner

The Red Wind April 2011, The Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlist announced.   The Red Wind has been shortlisted in the Younger Readers category.

August 19th 2011, The Red Wind is the winner of the Younger Readers category.

Short List Announced

The Red WindThe Red Wind has been shortlisted for another award again,  the WA Premiers Awards .