Web Ninja

Dear readers, meet my lovely web Ninja, who traveled far, fell in love even as I did, and who now minds my idiosyncratic web page, when she is not weaving other webs and making incredible hand made cards.
Isobelle Carmody.

Ninja Tina grew up in an ordinary Taiwanese family with working hard parents. In her adolescent, she has been trained by her siblings to look after them. She loves their company and be a spoil brat just like them.
At age of 18 under her parents’ quest, she journeyed miles to an ancient country called Australia. Her mission is to absorb their culture and make her parents proud in the future. On this ancient land, she met lots of challenges and unknown spices. She accomplished what her parents request and dreamed of not be departing for her beloved siblings no more in the future.
Before she discovered love, she was so certain about the vision of home in Taiwan. When she felt in love, she was not sure what to do. For years, she leaved apart with her lover until her mind is certain about him. Now she lives in Australia with her beloved husband and be a web master for many clients.